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Welcome to Dylan Thomas' New Quay website!

Dedicated exclusively to the Town's unique connection to Dylan 


Dylan Thomas visited New Quay frequently, and he lived here in 1944/1945. This was one the most prolific periods of his writing career, not least because he enjoyed being so close to the sea, with good pubs to hand The Dylan Thomas New Quay Trail takes you through some of the places in the town associated with Dylan and with his most famous work, Under Milk Wood.

Tide out at New QuayThe beautiful countryside of Ceredigion was in Dylan's blood His great uncle, Gwilym Marles, had been a Unitarian minister in the county, and a poet of some distinction as well. When Dylan was sixteen, he stayed on a farm just outside Cardigan. During the 1930's he came to visit his aunt and cousin in New Quay, and called on the writer Caradoc Evans in Aberystwyth.For much of the Second World War he led a nomadic life, staying in a mansion at Tal-sarn, a hotel at Lampeter, a cottage in Talgarreg, and a bungalow in New Quay called "Majoda".

Dylan loved New Quay, and it provided the inspiration for several of his best works. He and Caitlin lived in Majoda, on the outskirts of the town. Dylanís time there was amongst the most productive of his life, "a second flowering, a period of fertility that recalls the earliest days". There was a "great out pouring" of poems, as well as film and radio scripts.dylan-in_country

 We know that Dylan was happy here, writing to friends how he had found "...a bungalow in a really wonderful part of the bay", and adding "with a beach of its own...fancy a holiday?"

So whether you wish to follow Dylan's invitation and holiday with us, or to simply visit the Town, we hope to be able to provide you with an understanding of how the Town inspired Dylan.

New Quay still possesses the natural beauty and dreamy quality that Dylan experienced.So come back in time with us:

"Listen.Time passess"
"From where you are you can hear their dreams"

Oh yes, and the events at Majoda on 6th March 1945 were to cause reverberations leading to a Murder Trial, a major movie, and a scandal still discussed to this very day.

We hope that you enjoy our site.

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