There are many works and books by Dylan Thomas – the famous Welsh poet. This talented man was made famous not just by his emotionally compelling poetry and literary works, but also by his wild and questionable lifestyle choices. You can see this reflected in some of his works.

Dylan Thomas and his literary works

Without a doubt, Thomas had a way with words. With an English teacher for a father and a love for reading, you can see where he gets the talent from. Even his middle name came from a great uncle who was a poet himself.

Most of his creations show his love for Wales – the country where he was born and spent his childhood. His style of writing is highly emotional. He writes with a combination of idealism and optimism – something that is not far from Romantic literature.

When you read his works, you will feel the emotions involved in it. Together with a voice that had a seductive tone to it, Dylan Thomas was able to provide emotionally compelling and enriched performances during his radio broadcasts.

5 Of Dylan Thomas’ best works

Among the many books by Dylan Thomas, here are the top 5 of his best works.

A Child’s Christmas In Wales (1952)

This was meant to be a radio broadcast for BBC. Later on, it became a short story. This prose is reminiscent of Dylan Thomas’ childhood in Swansea, Wales where he grew up. It is a piece that bursts with innocence and a simplistic way of living. It is actually one of this most famous pieces.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (1947)

This is a piece that is filled with emotions – and you will soon understand why. It is actually a plea to his father before he died. It is written in the form of a villanelle. Some of the lines are repeated, a feat that made the poem all the more striking to one’s emotions. It is all about death and the loss of a loved one.

Under Milk Wood (1954)

Another radio drama meant to be broadcast on the airwaves. This was also known as “Play For Voices”. The story is set in Llareggub, a fictional village. If you read it backward, the village name is really “bugger all”. It is a humorous piece that explores the life of the villagers. It is engaging and filled with clever lines delivered in varying literary techniques – although quite subtle.

Portrait Of The Artists As A Young Dog (1940)

One of the books of Dylan Thomas that is a collection of short stories. This is set in the city of Swansea. Most of the stories talk about his life as a child. It takes on a comical approach and is often exaggerated and mysterious at the same time.

In My Craft Or Sullen Art (1946)

This is actually more of an explanation as to why Dylan Thomas writes. He mentions that he does not write for money or to please a few people. He writes for the common readers and the undistinguished readers.

While some of these are not exactly books by Dylan Thomas, these are the notable works that made him famous and possibly one of the greatest poets of all time.