Dylan Thomas may have lived a short life – but we can all agree that it was a very eventful one. Admittedly, it was not a highly positive one. Nevertheless, it was not something that one would call boring. This talented poet that hailed from Wales had a lot more going on in his life – most of which happened in the beautiful city of London.

Dylan Thomas and his love for partying and casinos

One thing is for sure, the Welsh poet loved his drinks. He frequented pubs, bars, and even casinos while he was alive. In fact, it was in one of the pubs in London where he met his future wife, Caitlin Macnamara.

It was not clear if he did frequent casinos a lot but one can assume that he probably did. After all, there were stories of him visiting the London Casino several times with friends. With his love for drinking, it is not unlikely that he frequented the casino in the same way that he did the pubs in the neighborhood.

In the late 1940’s, while his wife was struggling back home, it was believed that Dylan Thomas lived a good life in London. Although he did not have a stable income, he did get a lot of pay from his numerous writing projects. In 1948, his net earnings amounted to £1,872 – in our present day, that amounted to £62,462.20. He had projects with Gainsborough film writing scripts. This was where he got most of the funds that he spent in London. Although he wrote various scripts, these hardly reached the production stage. But this stint made his finances quite secure.

Unfortunately, it did not reach his family back home. He wasted away some of that money drinking and gambling in the London Casino. It was a dark time and a reflection of the poet’s unscrupulous behaviour – but that was what made Dylan Thomas a very controversial poet during his time.

Dylan Thomas’ life in London

Dylan started frequenting London in 1933. He initially stayed with Trevor Hughes – a childhood friend. He started arranging meetings with literary figures to help jumpstart his young career as a poet and writer. He also stayed with Nancy, his sister. They stayed on her houseboat.

It was only in 1934 when he got his permanent lodgings in London. It was not much – a room in Fulham that he shared with an artist friend, Alfred Janes, who was also from Swansea.

While his literary career took some time to take off, his reputation in pubs did not. He became well known in Fitzrovia pubs for his frequent visits and drunken escapades. He met his future wife here and they spent several moments together in these pubs.

It seems like London gave Dylan Thomas a mix of experience – both highs and lows. This was where he met his wife and started his literary career. However, it was also where his alcoholic tendencies exploded – which probably contributed to his early demise.